The 1st International Conference on Cooperative Finance

The aim of the meeting on 8 June is to make it clear that another type of financial system is now here. A system with entities based on cooperation and on respect and values that are put into practice in our daily tasks: transparency, honesty, fairness, democracy and independence. A system capable of generating wealth (individual and collective) without depleting resources or increasing social inequality.

We are at a point where the financial system crisis has made savings banks vanish and now they want to impose universal banking on us. We must be aware of the fact that other alternatives have already been started up and are doing extremely well here, and also in other countries. We want to create a space for knowledge and exchanges between financial institutions, cooperatives and social economy enterprises.

At Financoop 2012 we want to showcase the innovative solutions of businesses, but also of social economy enterprises. There are very hope-inspiring experiences from Quebec, France, Italy,
Belgium, the Basque Country, Valencia and, of course, in Catalonia, which we would like to debate and discuss and learn from and -why not?- lay the foundations for mutual cooperation.